Friday, November 25, 2016


My dear friends,
For thousands of years, Almighty God has sent messages of His love for us, constantly sending
us prophets and messengers, and blessing us anew, even when we turn away from his plan.
Two thousand years ago, God sent His greatest message of love to us, when His Divine Son took
on flesh and walked among us, teaching us how to live, and sacrificing His own life on the cross
as both Victim and High Priest.
While Jesus was among us in the flesh, He used many physical things to bless and heal people:
touching with his hands, breathing on them, allowing the crowd to crush him, multiplying
loaves and fish, even using mud made from his own saliva and rubbing it on a man’s eyes.
After Jesus left us at His Ascension, He left behind many physical things to continue His own
physical presence in the flesh. He left us the sacrament of Baptism, a bath in water to remove
sin. He left us the anointing of the sick with oil. He left us the Church made out of people just
like us. He left us His own flesh and blood in the Holy Eucharist.
Jesus also left behind the sacrament of Holy Orders, a physical laying on of hands going back
two millennia by which some members of the Church are specially consecrated to Him. It is
through this laying on of hands that we are able to eat and drink today His real Body and Blood,
and receive the Anointing of the Sick, and receive the cleansing of sins by Confession to a Priest.
It is the parish priest who counsels us in doubt, comforts us in sorrow, brings us God’s blessing
on our marriages, our births, and our burials. It is the parish priest who teaches us the life
savings words of Jesus Christ.
Here in the Eparchy of Passaic, God has blessed us with some wonderful priests‐‐men who have
dedicated their lives to serving God by caring for you. With the extreme shortage of priests,
some of our priests care for two or three or four parishes and missions. One priest is
administering five churches! Some priests continue to work after age 80 caring for active busy
communities. One priest who is over 75 continues to care for his parish from his hospital bed.
The Greek word for Thanksgiving is Eucharist. This Thanksgiving Day I ask that everyone in the
Eparchy of Passaic take time when you are alone to get on your knees and thank God that He
has given you a Priest to bring you the Sacramental Mysteries. Whatever other blessings God
has given to you this year, take time to thank God that you have a Catholic priest.
This Thanksgiving, I thank Almighty God for all of you, the wonderful people of the Eparchy of
Your servant,
Bishop Kurt Burnette
Bishop of Passaic

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I would bet that most college graduates who wear the ubiquitous "Mortar Board" hat do not know what it is symbolic of. And today with college students destroying business and rioting because they did not get their way, they should be banned from wearing them. You see, the mortar board is symbolic of building not tearing down. It is worn by those who will use their education to build up not tear down as a brick layer uses mortar to build a brick wall. But today, college seems far from higher education because it seeks to delve into the depths of student naivete about life. Their still uncooked brains are filled with left wing propaganda. Forget about learning about the constitution. They learn instead about gender politics. They learn not about our past leaders great accomplishments only that some as was customary in the early centuries owned slaves. Students at colleges today are so protected from free speech that I believe free speech will cease to be allowed on their campuses. The question is why? Free speech means that you openly and with facts and examples debate differing points of view, and most important you listen to differing points of view.
That doesn't happen in colleges today. If you do not tow the party's line you are forbidden from speech much like in the good old Soviet Union.  Instead of encouraging young people to be open to all opinions while at the same time defending your own in a cogent and honest way, colleges are coddling young people. They create safe spaces for them instead of thrusting live on to them. There are no safe spaces in life, yet they are being taught to retreat from debate and conflict not embrace it. Instead of fighting with good words, they fight with sticks and bricks. And just what are they protesting? I can remember back in the 60's and 70's, college students like myself were protesting wars, and injustice. Today college students are protesting hurt feelings they have. They seek to protect illegal aliens, yet not one of them would ask one to move in with them, invade their space eat their food and sleep in their beds and pay nothing for the privilege. They say liiegal aliens should come to their colleges. Did they ever ask their parents who pay thousands of dollars sending their kids there?
They say down with Capitalism, yet do they realize that this system though not perfect is almost perfect and will afford them the greatest opportunities once they throw their mortar boards into the air.  But if disappointment has become a chronic disorder among college students, what's going to happen to them when they stand before a potential boss?  I can see these job seekers ask things like how much they'll make, how many brakes they'll get, how many vacation days and what's the other benefits for them, but not what they will bring to their new job. I can also see disappointment in their futures and I'm not psychic either.
Only time will tell, but I only hope that young graduates wearing the mortar board on the day of their graduation will uphold its meaning which is to build up not tear down, but judging from the actions of college students today, I have serious doubts.

Monday, November 14, 2016


I've decided that the Judeo-Christian work ethic which made America great has gone the way of the Dodo. Mind you I speak of this work ethic free from any religious overtones but simply on the merits of hard work and taking responsibility for ones own actions.


In another post, I wrote about how the left cannot debate nor give cogent arguments backed up with facts about what our next president advocates. So I will try to enlighten them writing plainly and clearly so that a five year old, which is probably the mental capacity of the so called left.

  1. On Illegals: See Dick and Jane leave for a long day's work. See Dick and Jane come home and find uninvited strangers living in their house. See Dick and Jane evict them because they came into their home illegally. See Dick and Jane be accused of hating foreigners.
  2. On Muslims: See Dick and Jane get dressed up to go dancing to a gay bar to visit Dick's gay brother Rodney. See Dick and Jane having a good time dancing. See Dick and Jane and Dick's gay brother Rodney get shot up by a Muslim man with an AK-47 who came to America with one purpose; to kill Americans especially gay ones.
  3. On Women: See Dick kiss his wife Jane goodbye as he leaves for work. After work, Dick goes out with his buddies for a few drinks and his friend Bob start to talk about his conquests with women and what he would do to them. Dick wonders why Bob speaks that way since Dick knows Bob lives at home with his mother and a cat and has learned that those who talk about conquests with women usually have none.
  4. On Racism: Dick and Jane pay taxes. Dick and Jane see others who do not pay taxes but instead are on the government dole. Dick and Jane wonder why there are single mothers with 5 children, and wonder where their father is. Dick and Jane don't mind paying taxes as long as everyone else does. Dick and Jane are labeled racist because of their opinion.
  5. On free college: See Dick and Jane's son Billy start college. Dick and Jane are happy they did not have to pay for college. Billy is happy he will not have to pay back a college loan. See Billy get drunk every night and throw up on his Futon. See Billy not take his college education seriously because it was free. See Dick and Jane see their son Billy move back into their house four years later with no job offers. See Dick and Jane wonder why their son Billy is a loser.


Have you ever tried to debate someone on the left? Forget it! It won't happen. Putting forth cogent arguments backed up with examples and facts only infuriates those on the left even more.
Why, because they have been spoon fed certain diatribes from which they glean one word answers and as a result they cannot debate facts only sound bites. It's the old 'Your mother wears army boots' tactic. Call those with whom you disagree names. Racist, homophobic, bigoted, misogynistic, a creep. Not only do they resort to name calling, those poor souls thrive on empty slogans spoon fed to them by the media and other anarchist groups whose only goal is to undermine democracy and our republic.
Not only that but for most on the left, their moral compass is broken. They embrace situation ethics. They, like any card carrying fascist, excoriate anyone who does not agree with them. More than that, they think that any opposition is to be crushed. There is no room for varying points of view.
The left say they are liberal.
The definition of liberal is that they accept every point of view and respect all lifestyles. But in reality, they love the gay lifestyle practitioners, but loathe the nuclear family with a mom and dad who live in a house, walk the dog, pay bills and taxes, and who just want a fair chance to make their garden grow.  But that 'lifestyle' is not celebrated on the left.  Instead the left celebrates the single mother who has five children from as many husbands who are no where to be found and as a result, live off the very taxpayers the left hates.
They give moral equivalency to the  marriage of two men, minimizing the biological fact that that two men having intercourse will never bring life into the world which many see as a reason for monogamy, but even that distinction is under fire by the left. The left condemns those who see the killing of the unborn as immoral, yet they accept Islam's murderous ideology mainly against women, gays, and unbelievers in general. If the left would only look back and take responsibility for the carnage they have left behind. Things like the death of the family unit, the rise of intolerance in the name of tolerance and liberalism, the destruction of the black lives that really do not matter to them, and the depressing desolation of their world view long discarded by many who experienced it under the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, and others. What's really deplorable? The reality that the left will never admit they are wrong.

Friday, November 11, 2016


My dad wanted to die. He did. He was healthy all his life. He had what I would think is one of the best of all possible jobs. He was a milkman and he was his own boss which afforded him minimal contact with people, and worked in a stress free environment dealing mostly with the elements and the occasional ne'er-do-well still on the streets at three o'clock in the morning. We never suffered want, and for the most part always had dairy products in abundance, however I do remember my mom asking me to go in the garage and get a bottle of milk from the milk truck only to have my dad shout out that the truck was empty!   He also worked as a presser in a coat factory, and from all that bought a house, and after retirement purchased a 14 family apartment house for 83K and 20 years later sold it for 750K! That's pretty good for someone who did not have a high school education I would say.
And my mom, well she was home taking care of us four kids until she could work during our high school years. There's something to be said for the stay at home mom when the kid's are young. I remember walking home from grammar school, sunning up the stairs to out two family house yelling "mom, I'm home!" waiting for the sound of her voice like the RCA Victor dog in their record label waiting for "his master's voice." And when she didn't answer, my anxiety caused by her absence would be allayed when I would find a note on the kitchen counter written in her beautiful script that she had gone to the store  and would be back in a few minutes, and, that I was to hang up my clothes and if I was going out to play with my friends I should be home when the Manhattan Rubber factory whistle blew at 5 o'clock for dinner, and that there was a snack for me in the refrigerator!
Dad was a self made man and mom a self made woman. She was a PBX operator (for the new generation, that means she was an operator, you know the one's you see on Turner Classic Movies, pulling and pushing cords at a switchboard connecting people to one another.) At an early age her voice propelled her to audition at Carnegie Hall in New York City where she was discovered by a Hollywood talent scout who said she looked a lot like Susan Hayward only she could sing. She turned the offer down since in the early 40's she already had two kids and felt an obligation to raise a family. Who does that anymore? So as we got older, so did my mom and dad. Dad suffered a stroke around 1995 and for months was bedridden until his death. He was a proud man and to this day, even though I believed in my heart he would have licked his illness somewhat, I also saw that he did not want to be a burden to anyone especially his children, and I could say willed himself to die in 1996. And my mom, well, she lived until 2007 when dementia took its toll and her life. Years before, I was never agreeable to sending my mom off to a nursing home. I wanted to take care of her since she took care of us for so long, and to this day, even though I did in fact have her live with me for about a year or so back in 2002, I regretted not being able to care for her until she died. I flew up from Orlando to New Jersey once a month to visit her however, and enjoyed every trip as I saw her failing each month. The hardest thing when visiting her was when I needed to catch the flight back to Orlando that evening since I only came up for the day, which caused me to become very familiar with the 6:30AM flight crew to Orlando. I would have to make up a story like I needed to go to the bathroom, so that mom would think I'd be coming back. That really was hard to do each month. Not only that but there were others in the ward who wanted me to take them home with me and waited at the doors for my departure anticipating being freed from the place.
That got me to thinking about why all these lovely moms and dads were left to the care of others by their own offspring? Why all of a sudden were they a burden, an impediment if you will, to their children's lives, when the children were an impediment to their parents lives.
Surely the nursing home where my mom was was not cheap. Actually it cost about 15 thousand dollars a month not including prescriptions or doctor's care. And what did I see most of the residents along with my mom doing? Sitting in a group gazing at the television or staring out the window dreaming about when they were young. Hell, if all they did was sit in front of the TV and eat mediocre food for about $500.00 a day, it would be less expensive to have her at home. Not only that, but there was a time when you had an expanded family environment. Sort of like the Waltons. Now I realize that many children leave the nest to seek fame and fortune, but then when they find both, why can't they bring their parents in to share it with them? I'm sure parents who live with their offspring live longer and are happier than living with strangers with little interaction. It could make them feel young again!
I remember one short story in The Twilight Zone The Movie, where an old man pays a visit to a nursing home and promises that if the residents believe they could be young again, he would grant their wish. They did believe and he made all of them young again. Then in retrospect, they all lamented that they did not either want to go through all of the hard times they went thought again, or see their loved ones die again, or simply go through what they did all their lives. They came to the conclusion that they lived their lives once and that was enough, all but one who remained young.
For me the moral of the story was that you go around once in this world, and so you should make the most of it, but also that you should cherish all of the time you have with your aging parents, which brings me to another disturbing reality.
Have you noticed all of the commercials on TV for visiting home healthcare? Slick commercials for 'angels' coming in to take care of aging moms and dads. One disturbing commercial for me was this old dad stating that he spent his whole life taking care of his children....but then says now I have someone to take care of me, but the upshot is that it was not one of his children but a stranger!
Where the hell are his children I asked myself? If they could afford full time care from strangers, why couldn't they bring dad home to live with them? Could it be that he would be an imposition? Or that mom or dad is too crabby and would cramp their style?
It's a sad commentary for today's society when parents are seen as a burden rather than a blessing. When children can't wait to ship mom or dad off to have strangers take care of them only seeing them until they die once every other Sunday if that.
While I don't have children to take care of me in my old age, I would hope like my dad, that I would not be a burden to my closets friends but also that they would take care of me until the end. After all I would do the same. So my plea to all those with aging parents is to not turn them into victims of their old age rather make them victorious survivors of taking care and picking up after us. Cherish them, and take care of them until they die no matter how much you sacrifice for them. You'll look back on the time with them with much satisfaction knowing that you did the proper thing, as my dad always encouraged us to do. If only I had it to do all over again myself...


These coddled little snowflakes are forming a society where debate and dissent is frowned upon because it offends their delicate natures not to mention the fact that it takes more than 144 characters. Safe in their mother's womb, to this day they have never left the safety of it. Instead they have grown up thinking they ought not be offended in any way, with not only a sense of entitlement, but with a warped self centered idea of what they deserve in life which in their view is free stuff for as long as they live.
The idea of hard work, success and failure in life is foreign to them. After all they got trophies even for losing.
Colleges and universities have become incubators for the little darlings instead of the blast furnace, which as anyone knows makes the person stronger and tougher. The hotter the flame the stronger the steel is a motto I always lived by.
Just take the outgoing Obama administration as an example. It seems that it's been populated by millennial misfits who can hardly speak well, seem to despise America, play fast and loose with the truth, and who have a condescending attitude towards the people they serve.
Need more proof? Just watch a few episodes of Judge Judy! That's right. Watch and see the young people who go on the show suing either their live-in boyfriends, most of whom have taken advantage of them sexually and monetarily. They proudly state they are 'single mothers' which simply mean they have no respect for their own selves and lay with men who do not love them enough to make a commitment. And then you'll see young people with no sense of right and wrong. I remember someone suing their brother, mom or dad because they left the keys to their car in the table and when they illegally took their car for a joyride and crashed, think they can sue because the keys were left on the table! It's true. They will not take responsibility for their own actions always looking to blame someone or something else, much to the consternation of Judge Judy.
When she asks them if they work most say no. If she asks them if they're married since they have five kids, they say no. It seems that women are the victims always lending their boyfriends money for cars, motorcycles expecting to be paid only to have them run out on them. It's quite scary when you think of it. The courts are being used for  revenge not justice and when their cases are thrown out because of their absurdity, they feel wronged because they feel right all the time.
I blame the parents, who often time show up to court with their precious little darlings setting for them the worse example they can mostly because they too see the world through the same twisted prism. Everyone else is wrong and they are always right including their children no matter how wrong they really are. They've indulged their children never teaching them right and wrong, fair and unfair, and now as a result society is populated by these miscreants and we reap the whirlwind.
Message to parents and educators: Turn up the furnace and let's melt some of these snowflakes!


They say a fish stinks from the head. So true especially when the head of the fish wears a crown (or miter if they're Roman Catholic). In my quest for justice, Bishop Kurt Burnette has left me no choice but to take legal action against the eparchy (diocese) and the bishop. It is clear that all the talk of 'mercy' and acting 'Christ-like' has gone out the window.
Bishops today facing shrinking congregations, shrinking priest pools from which to move them around like pawns on a chess board, not to mention shrinking income and growing debt show signs of desperation by cheating priests like me.
They look for ways, not to show appreciation for years of service to the church, but to cheat priests of what is rightfully theirs. Just the other day the bishop of the Passaic eparchy sent a letter to the priests stating that they were to hold a whole series of collections for Rome, and for other needs.
Aside from a few faithful to the church remnants, most parishes being a pale image of what they once were, have also added to their ranks the loons, crazies and kooks most of whom are dissatisfied Roman Catholics with an ax to grind.
The aging of pastors many of whom serve three of four parishes with no hope of retirement are forced to remain or forgo any sustenance by the bishop who pulls the strings and makes up rules on the fly. In short the priests are akin to chattel.  
Here are some facts you may not know about the inner workings of an eparchy (diocese) you may not be aware of:
  • Fact: The bishop is the president of a non-profit corporation registered as such in the State of New Jersey. 
  • Fact: In my opinion it doesn't  matter if the organization is a non profit, that fact still does not give them the freedom to violate state employment law.
  • Fact: The eparchy owns all of the church properties which include both churches and priest       residences. 
  • Fact: Priests are employees of the eparchy.
  • Fact: Priests salaries are mandated by the eparchy.
  • Fact: It is the responsibility of the President of the Corporation namely the bishop to insure his employees are being paid.
  • Fact: The bishop receives quarterly financial reports from each and every parish stating income and expenses including salaries paid or unpaid.
  • Fact: The employees of the eparchy namely the priests and religious receive their W-2 and 1099-Miscellaneous forms directly from the eparchial accountant firm in this case Hobe and Lucas an Ohio accounting firm broken down in two parts the first salary and the second 1099 for sustenance.  
  • Fact: The pension program was at one time funded directly by priest's contributions.
  • It was during the regime of Bishop Michael Dudick back in the 80's, that parishes not priests were told to make payments to the pension fund thus making priests 'non contributors' so that the bishop could then decide for himself who qualifies for pension payments.
  • Fact: Many priests requesting retirement from the bishop have been refused the privileged by the bishop stating the unavailability of replacement priests, thus causing great pressure on the older priests who want nothing more to live out their lives free from the perils of parish life.
  • Fact: Most bishops knew the priest shortage was acute but have done little to address it.
  • Fact: In the case of this bishop, he has resorted to bringing in married priests from Europe to fill the parishes here. They come not speaking English with their wives and children which have placed an even greater financial burden on shrinking parishes with no money. Case in point, my former parish in Fort Pierce, FL now has a married priest whose wife and two children do not speak English attempting to be supported by a 30 family parish (probably less since many could not deal with the haters that remained and took over running the place) with a monthly average income in my day of less than $3500.00, with a monthly budget of $5000.00, $2100.00 of which was a single priests salary. Now they also have to support a wife and two children. No doubt the bishop realizes that he needs to foot the bill, something he should have realized in my case as well.    
So there it is. The bully bishop who is more akin to a dictator with a Napoleon complex to boot, decides to stiff the faithful priests siting a technicality and thereby denying just compensation for years of service. Quite frankly I do not know how he can stand before people as a so called symbol of Jesus' love and do just the opposite.  His hypocrisy shined forth for all to see. He preaches mercy but shows none. He preaches justice and kindness but does not practice it.
A fish stinks from the head. I guess that's why most members of the church are hypocrites too.