Tuesday, October 4, 2016


For years, the Gloria Steinem's of the world have fought for women's rights. Now, equal rights for women don't matter anymore because in a gender neutral world a man can be a woman and a woman a man by decree. So how does one fight for woman's rights when the're a man and vice versa?
How can two "women" or two "men" who are neither then procreate?
Does one discard their chosen sex only to consummate then return back to their chosen albeit anatomically juxtaposed gender?
Not only that, but the secular progressives of the world who reject Creationism and  embrace evolution can't explain how man, who descends from let's say a ape then has the ability to become gender neutral when in the animal world, from whence we come, there is no such evolution.
Males and females are very much alive in the animal kingdom and their roles have not changed. You don't have stay at home male lions, or gender neutral rabbits. There ain't no gender neutral jungles.
One thing we may have in common is some people's ability to impregnate then disappear never taking care of their offspring as some animals do.
So while the animal world remains sexually secure in their respective genders, we, as some think, who evolved from them, have decided on our own independent of or in spite of evolution or the "way God made us" to now decide that gender doesn't matter,   Sorry Gloria...