Sunday, September 25, 2016


So, today I sent my blog link to the clergy of the diocese I once served in. Tomorrow they start their yearly retreat where they're supposed to pray and meditate and reflect on their lives as priests not to mention how they treat one another.  I'm sure they think I'm like the proverbial skunk at the picnic, or the turd in the punch bowl intruding into their peaceful lives, however I would rather they think of me as Herodias' nemesis.
I also hope (since I don't pray anymore) that they would read the articles in this blog and rise up as a group to petition the tyrannical bishop to, as my father always said, do the proper thing. I would hope they would intercede on my behalf and insist the bishop pay me for the months I never got my salary, and have him apologize for the many other injustices committed against me they will read about.
.....but knowing the guys the way I do, I doubt number one, they are interested in my ordeal in the least and number two, they would have the testicular fortitude to do anything but think about themselves since they've said and done nothing to show support so far. Talk about my blog post where I talk about  "the most uncharitable organization in the world..." once said by a priest to the newly ordained.
As far as the retreat goes, most as usual will head south to Atlantic City since the retreat house is on the Jersey Shore, and others will visit NYC.
The only thing I missed traveling up there was to hit my old haunts in my hometown of Clifton NJ like Mario's for pizza, and Rut's Hut for the best hot dogs in the whole world!