Wednesday, June 29, 2016

All you need is love, da ta da da da....

That's right all you need is love....all you need is love to fight Radical Islam and the growing Islamism in the world. That was the suggestion from our chief law enforcement officer Attorney General Loretta Lynch. I guess the guys who maimed killed, then exploded themselves in Turkey yesterday didn't get the love letter from Lynch. If they had I am sure they would turn away from their evil ways.
That shows you the stupidity and naivete of the people currently running the country. Islamism is spreading, and there are not enough candles and florists to supply all the loved ones and friends of victims for the next set of vigils. Pretty soon there won't be enough corners on which to build memorials. But that seems to be the only thing we're good at.
Some in our government like John Kerry who spoke yesterday and I am paraphrasing here: "...hey give is a break, we have to be right 24/7/365. They only have to be right for 10 minutes...."  The only way to kill an "ism" is not with love but with other weaponry. It will first take Islam to have a reformation about their Koran, it's literal interpretation which fuels the carnage, and what happens to someone when they die. No, no 72 virgins but perhaps something less enticing.
Second, like any "ism" be it Fascism, although it still is popular on college campuses, Communism, Totalitarianism, and the like, the "ism" must be de-fanged by shopping off the head of the leader or leaders. When Islamism is allowed to flourish by an impotent Europe and an America that has lost is soul, then we are in trouble, and no matter what Loretta Lynch thinks, all we really need is a leader with a pair before we do run out of flowers and candles...

Friday, June 24, 2016

Crossing the Rubicon...Britain chooses not to be ruled by Oligarchs

Julius Caesar did it in person in 49BC and uttered "the die is cast" in Latin of course, and that phrase has become the battle cry for those who have thrown caution to the wind and have done what seemed either impossible, futile, or just plan crazy.
I have new hope for the spirit of man longing to be free from tyrannical reign Can you believe that if Britain stayed in the EU, their toasters and hair dryers would have been regulated by the governing body on the other side of the Channel?
Similarly, our Civil War was fought in part by those who did not feel that a federal government should meddle in the affairs of a sovereign state. Their concern was prescient as we are now told by the same bureaucrats not in Belgium but in Washington how to run our lives, how to teach our children among other things, the Constitution and Bill of Rights be damned.
Today Brits become American in a way, casting off the yolk of subjugation by an overseas group of un-elected oligarchs and opting instead to plan their own destiny through self government. Bravo. Today is their Independence Day. I only hope we remember ours.


"We are the world no more...we are the British Isles."
Not very good lyrics to deal with for a new anthem, but nonetheless, this is a great day for Britain. If you remember, Britain wanted to rule over us and we kicked their British behinds back home.
This is a victory for America as well. We have a president today who seems to love the world more than he loves America. He wanted Britain to stay in the world. They choose otherwise. They chose independence thumbing their collective nose at Obama who apologizes to the world for our exceptionalism. He'll be gone soon back to Chicago. Maybe he can part the gangs there as he parted the waters as president. He failed doing that, he'll fail at being a community organizer...again.
So as the Brits sing we are the world no more, we should all applaud their confidence in their own people their own nation and their own destiny which will be bright because they rejected being governed by non elected elites in Brussels. Let that be a refreshing reminder of the greatness of our country who has never and should ever give up our independence to any one global world order. Like Britain, we should tell them to go to hell.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Not that I got many of these, but when I did it meant the world to me. What a great feeling. It proved that contrary to what Mrs. Dixon said in the 6th grade, I would amount to something and I did have a brain!
But today, we're all about feelings not brains. Today kids, especially the Millennials of whom I will write about in another post feel that education should make you feel good. I got news for them and for public education in general. Feelings will not get you a job, brains will talent will aptitude will applying yourself will.
When I went for an interview after arriving down in Florida with a residential design firm, I had no resume! Can you believe it? Well neither could my future employer. But then I rolled out my opus to show them what I could do, and just to make sure they didn't think that I stole someone else's work, I asked for sketch paper and began to design a house right in front of them complete with elevation! Later on my new boss said that he thought my approach to getting the job was quite refreshing. I know, since I have been a boss now for 20 plus years, and I've read resumes which say nothing about what the person can actually do. Most of the time it's all flowery BS.
But I could imagine if I sent to that interview and instead showing them my work, I talked about feelings. I'd still be unemployed.
If feelings are all that matter, then forget about resumes. They already forgot about grading. They dismiss winners for praising the collective. Everyone gets a trophy nowadays regardless of your talent brain matter or how you use it. Feelings matter now. So the message being imposed on the kindergartners all the way up to college graduates is be mediocre or you'll hut someone else's feelings. Don't succeed or you'll hurt their feelings. What rubbish. It's unhealthy unproductive and should insult anyone with a functioning brain. Could you imagine an America if that pernicious philosophy ever took root?
I remember in the 60's the motto was "if it feels good do it..." but I think they were talking about doing something other than playing sports!
The sad epitaph of this generation is that they have forfeited strong debate in favor of feelings. The truth hurts. That's why so many young people wanted to see Bernie Sanders become president. You see, he feels. He feels alright. I feel too. I feel sorry for this age of wimps, cry babies, and those who think they are entitled to something whether it be handouts by the government or an undeserving trophy for that matter.  Colleges are creating "safe spaces" for all the various groups that feel offended by others with differing ideas. You know what they used to call safe spaces back in the day...Ghettos that what. So why bring them back? And I feel sorry for the ones who wish to achieve no matter how their respective racebaiters say that if they achieve they are selling out on their race. I thought we are all of the American Race?
Those who wish to rise above the collective not by cheating or stealing from someone else, but by their own talent and stick-to-it-ness should be celebrated not castigated.  Individuals should see themselves as, well, individuals, with gifts and talents thoughts and ideas which they can share, debate and defend without having their feelings hurt.
True, I would be more likely to see a red F than an A+. But when I did see it, I felt good. As for the ref "F"...well it hurt guessed it, feelings, especially when my parents found out, then I was feeling the hurt too! Grades matter and I'm giving this generation a big fat F+! Now I feel a whole lot better...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016



Why all this interest in a priest's sexuality? I mean, there were some members of the parish that just said things to get a rise out of you to see just who turned you on girls or boys. Of course priests brought this on themselves parading around as celibate men while doing the nasty with the parish secretary. I remember when I was accused of some shenanigans in my Ormond Beach parish. One SOB went to far as to try to entrap me by sending a young man to me saying he was "troubled." Probing further metaphorically speaking that is, I asked him what was this deep dark secret troubling him. Even through he was married, he said, he thinks he's gay. Well, remembering my position as a spiritual counselor I tried to assure him that perhaps it was either a phase, feeling, or reaction to some marital problems or all of the above.
So I suggested that he speak to someone that I know who had the same struggles.  No he wasn't some old queen that I met at a bar, but a county judge of all people. I got to know him when I went to court on a morals charge (just kidding) when I was asked to attend a ceremony for some event locally. We sat next to each other and, no the subject of bar hopping didn't come up. It was a respectful meeting. It just so happened that one day we met on the beach and began to talk about things. He mentioned that he usually presides over juvenile court and told me some of the wild stories, and I did the same.
Anyway, I spoke to him about my parishioner with his situation and he offered to speak with him and try to help him.
My friend arranged to meet him at his favorite watering hole, and we did. He talked for about an hour and then we left. I was familiar with the bar and frequented it on occasion when I needed to get away from the crazies in the parish. It was more therapeutic although everyone knew I was a priest, so instead of coming on to me they all wanted to talk about what problems they had. I actually enjoyed helping them and considered it outreach to the outcast among us. Like Jesus, I would be accused of dining with sinners and prostitutes, though like Jesus I never went for that sort of stuff. I was a celibate priest, but I still could have a good time I thought sans trysts.
Well when this little SOB left, he ran to the High Priest of the parish and stated that we went to a gay bar and that I knew everyone there (I only knew the owner and a few wayward souls) and that was the beginning of the first Pogrom, or to keep it current Intifada.  Parishioners who I dedicated four years to turned against me. The word was out. I was gay while all the while  I thought I was celibate. Who the hell cared anyway? I mean whatever demons I had to deal with in my own life, whatever struggles,conflicts were between me and my confessor. After all, someone once told me "calm seas does not a sailor make."
So I was street smart and not the goody two shoes pious priest. I had talents and abilities and experiences which made me see the world through the eyes of those who struggle.  But these zealots would have none of it so I get canned, transferred to the cold north, New Jersey of all places! I hated the people who betrayed me. I hated the people who hated me without cause. I hated the bishop who summarily plucked me out without even a word of encouragement not to mention defense. You see, in the priesthood, you are guilty before proven innocent.
And what was worse, the Dean of the area (the priest in charge of the other priests in an area) was boning his church secretary, while saying to my parishioners "aren't you glad he's gone? I mean having an immoral priest isn't worth it!" I remember driving home u p North, I was entertaining the ides of driving straight into a bridge abutment, but I loved my BMW too much to do that.
So I say again, why all this interest in a priests' sexuality. They were supposed to give up that part of their lives for a greater good. Some succeeded 100%, others less so, but hey, if we believe that a vocation to the priesthood is a calling from God, don't you think He would know who he's choosing? I mean c'mon, does anyone think they could pull the  proverbial wool over God's eyes?  I mean who would put up with 8 years of schooling just to hide their sexuality under their cassock? After all, the way I look at it, any priest with confused chromosomes might just be a plus especially when it comes to decorating churches and planning parties. Maybe that's why God choose them...

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


 You've heard the song made famous by Cher Gypsies Tramps and Thieves,  well this article entitled Crazies Kooks and Loons will highlight all of the above that I have endured throughout the years of ministry. Some amusing most hateful and deadly all claiming they follow the teachings of Jesus!

Speaking about Jesus, where do I start?
I guess by first saying that priests always seem to be labeled one way or another. They get talked about by parishioners incessantly and most of the time without mercy. As with me, they'll do background and Google searches on you. They'll put in words like "gay", or "arrested", or "molester" or "pimp", you name it after your name in the hopes that they will expose you for what you really are, besides a priest.  
One old priest had some prescient words of advice for me when he said remember you'll have many Palm Sundays where the parishioners will cheer you and welcome you and praise you, but just remember after every Palm Sunday there comes a Good Friday. Boy was he right! After 17 years as a "celibate" priest (more on that in another post), all it took was for a few good people to endeavor in the work of the devil. Like I once said it's hard to follow Jesus, but oh so easy following the devil. And for some, all that much more rewarding in a sick kind of way.
You preach a great sermon about a certain gospel message and if it hist home with some, or what you're saying makes one feel uncomfortable because in their life what you say is true, then you're accused of talking about them personally!
This has happened to me many times, and once a member left because of it! Talk about the words of Jesus being too hard for people to hear especially when it's them that "He" is speaking about.
I'll give you an example. The gospel for the Sunday was about Jesus calling the scribes white washed tombs, pretty on the outside yet filled with all kinds of filth inside. O usually only do outlines for my sermons because I hated to see priests a slave to their texts reading them with no emotion not allowing the spirit to work within them.
So when I began to speak about how we are at times whitewashed tombs, I made mention of how we like to come to church all scrubbed and clean with our Sunday finest (although nowadays Sunday finest consists of flip flops and short shorts for many) and then I dropped the big bomb on this lady. I included in my description that we comb our hair, that "women get their hair all coiffed up..."
Well that did it. She immediately got her breasts in knot  (she was big breasted) especially when she crossed her arms under them) and gave me dirty looks because obviously I was speaking about her! Well she left the parish never to return. When I asked a friend of hers about why she left she said the obvious I was speaking about her. I asked that person why would she think that. She responded: "Because she's a hairdresser!" Give me a break! Really? Really? Wow my sermons were more powerful that I thought!
Actually I was relieved because she was a Ukrainian trouble maker anyway. If you know anything about Ukrainians, you'll know that they are a nationalistic bunch to the point that they claim when God said "let their be light" He said it in Ukrainian!



A story about how two sisters devoid of morality, decency and honor turn into lairs, cheaters, and embezzlers....

They were never brought up that way. Yet when opportunity knocked to take care of the estates of their parents greed seduced them so much so that they did everything they could to hide the money not only from each other as each had a turn to be custodians of their parent's estate, but to literally cut off any of their parents wealth to the two brothers.
These two sisters were at hand. In other words, the two brothers lived out of state, and by fate it fell to them to take care of our aging parents.
The younger sister was the apple of their father's eye, and she was the first co-conspirator to steal. Upon her untimely death the older sister took over the reigns, but not before the younger used what was in the bank accounts as a private piggy bank paying off  huge IRS judgments and back taxes from the state of New Jersey in the thousands and thousands of dollars.
Each time the brothers asked for an accounting, they were stonewalled and assured that everything was in apple pie order.
Then the older sister took over. And when all was said and done, after monies were expended for their mom's nursing home sat for a few years, an estate which amounted to about 1.2 million dollars, was depleted to a paltry 300K, which was then divvied out to the two brothers and of course themselves as well!
I ask you how could four children be brought up by the same parents, the two brothers dedicating their lives to serving others, while the two sisters both married then both divorced seeing fit to squander their parents savings only on themselves cutting out their two brothers from any enjoyment of the estate.
But the beat went on, and the same older sister then had the keys to their aunts fortune, and once again, she hid the money from any of the beneficiaries in the will feeling entitled to the money because, again, she was at hand dealing with the drudgery of taking care of her, shopping, and assisting when she needed it. That amount was close to 600K.
Let me tell you something, there's a special place in the depths of hell that one sister already suffers in, and the older sister has a reserved room right next to the younger.
How two sisters could steal money, use it for their own enjoyment while at the same time make sweet talk with their brothers all the while depriving them of the same enjoyment of their parent's estate is beyond comprehension.
Well the older sister got caught in her treachery, and was forced to return only a portion of what she stole from her aunt, yet has the gall  to demand her portion of the the aunt's estate that she loathed, lied to, intimidated, and stole thousands of dollars from and the mediation judge doesn't think she needs to be punished. There's something missing in our justice system, namely JUSTICE!
It's like a bank robber bringing back the stolen money and instead of jail, gets the reward. Talk about a travesty of justice.
One is paying for her sins, and the other will too. No doubt their mom and dad are turning in their respective graves. But that's what happens when sisters go bad.....way bad.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Hyphenated America

....I watched the Lake Eola vigil on TV and was disappointed that there was no mention of American Values, no National Anthem, nothing about what it means to be an American. No matter how blended gender we become, we are all still Americans, and those who wish to subvert the Constitution and Bill of Rights or bring in another form of government antithetical to our Republic should stay where they are. There are cultures coming to America that are unwilling to assimilate, to become American, and diametrically opposed to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and all Americans gay or otherwise should realize that. Love may be the answer, but we're dealing with an insidious cancer that even love cannot eradicate. 
When my parents came to America they wanted to BECOME AMERICAN, without hyphens. But it seems that perpetuating our differences, genders, persuasions and idiosyncrasies is taking over the culture. Why can't we all just be UN-HYPHENATED AMERICANS?

Monday, June 13, 2016


Here's a letter from the bishop's attorney which besides lying about the facts basically says, you're on your own....we don't support you....we're not responsible......A WORD TO THE WISE FOR can dedicate 35 years and then be cheated by the bishop who can make and change the rules to suit much for "The Year of Mercy" not to mention justice and doing the proper thing. Here's the actor who played Pontius Pilate in The Passion with the bishop. Same look sadly same compassion, same mercy.

Here's my response to the bishop's letter:

Frankly, I am shocked at your dispassion and cavalier attitude of the situation at hand, and at the proper time, I shall share my disdain for your actions and position with my brother priests to warn them to be on their guard. Even though it pains me to have to respond to your position, I shall do so in detail. 
Allow me to first comment on the last part of your letter stating that you have "reached out to me on several occasions to discuss this matter without any success...".  In fact, when we did speak on the phone and I talked about the hatefulness of certain members of the parish who were in fact poisoning the entire congregation with their innuendo, accusations, Google searches, criminal background checks, as well as property searches, your response to me was in effect: "hey that's happened to me too, so deal with it...."  
Not only that but you suggested the cohort of parishioners change the locks on the doors to lick me out of the church. So your answer to my parishioners was to lock me out, and they bragged about it to me. With such a display of empathy, I did not see any point in speaking to you again, in fact when a bishop does not back their own priest not knowing the entire situation, then they lose all respect as far as I'm concerned.   And in your letter to me you also mentioned that "no one has written or called complaining about you..." as if to say, what's your problem anyway? I guess you expect parishioners to complain about the priest never the other way around. 
Now on to the letter.  You state that you are continuing to pay for Medicare supplemental, as well as prescriptions, etc., as an "act of charity."  First you moved all the old priests onto Medicare to save money for the diocese, and now you're claiming to be magnanimous?  In my opinion, it is the least you can do for any priest ordained 36 years regardless of the situation?  You preach mercy yet you practice none. I preached mercy, compassion, forbearance and love, but my parishioners ignored the message instead reveling in calumny and hatred, and you did nothing except punish me.  
Again, a warning to all priests to take care of themselves and don't expect your bishop to have any compassion or paternal concern unless you tow the line regardless of your concern for your own personal health and well being. 
You then state that you are not obligated to comply with the Federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, since it is a non contributory pension fund is perhaps technically correct, however it is morally repugnant. Each parish pays in to this account on behalf of the priests for whom it assists, therefore exposing your position as a fraud. The money does not come out of your own pocket, yet you act with malice against anyone who you deem unworthy instead of presenting each case to your Consultors, who are such in name only.
Then you state that I am not entitled to be part of the pension plan because I abandoned my parish in 2014. That is patently false, and I have emails to prove that I arranged with the Synchellus my leaving the parish, and also made temporary arrangements before I left.  Besides, after faithfully serving that parish for 17 years, traveling over 300 miles each week, spending thousands of dollars in tolls and gas, never reimbursed, forgoing taking a salary, in fact paying thousands of dollars to help the parish, you think I would just leave for no reason.
I was burned out, nearing a nervous breakdown due to the hatefulness of the members of the parish, and disappointed in those who did nothing to defend me against the onslaught. After 17 years And again, rather than allowing a period of time to get to the bottom of what happened at the parish, you abruptly remove my faculties without skipping a beat. What were you trying to prove? That your tough, and not going to stand for any priest in emotional distress nearing a complete nervous breakdown defying your decrees?  
Then in dealing with the issues of compensation for back salary, you completely abdicate your responsibility by stating that if I did not get paid because the parish had no money, that it's the parish you have an issue with even though you own the church property and are by law responsible for anything that happens at the parish, including the fact that a parish might be insoluble and unable to pay for the priest you send there.  Yet you say that the eparchy has no 'obligation' to make payments of salary to its priests, and that my problem is with the parish not the eparchy?
Here's the breakdown for only 5 of the 17 years I served the parish regarding salary owed and received and the balance:
TOTAL SALARY TAKEN FOR YEARS 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
How many priests are subsidized by the eparchy presently because the parish they are assigned to cannot pay them?  Jesus condemned the rulers of the Jews calling them whitewashed tombs. He chastised the rulers as seeking high places at the tables, reciting long prayers, being seen in prayer, yet their hearts are far away from God.  Where is your mercy?  Where is your compassion?  Yes, it's something new when the priest leaves the parish because of the hatefulness of the people.  As any priest suffers, so should the bishop. Jesus said be compassionate as your father is compassionate.  And when a bishop sees his priests persecuted by suspicious people, all, by the way, is brought about by the bishop's long time failure to discipline pedophile priests, and does nothing, it is a dereliction of duty. Why did you not put the parish under interdict? Why would you not stand up for your priest?  Why did you not throw out certain members?   
These are not the good old days of the eparchy in the golden days of the 1950's something which you never experienced as did I and others born into the church. In those days parishioners like my mom and dad honored the priests. Rather than being attentive and pro active with their priests, showing real concern and empathy for them, bishops today see them as  someone who fills a slot, or plugs a hole in a leaking boat.  The seminary is empty because young people who truly want to help their fellow man see no way they can do it as a priest. They see priests on their own parishes just going through the motions and biding their own time before retirement comes along.

Friday, June 10, 2016



And it's no different in the Church and priesthood. The people have an angle. The priests have an angle. The bishop's have an angle. But they all work against each other. 
The Church and its people have become lazy and bloated, everyone working their own angle.
Sorry if I'm peeing in your punch bowl, but after 35 years I can speak with some knowledge about the priestly experience.
It's not the 50's anymore.
Back then, priests were held in high esteem. They were honored, and revered. Back then people kissed the hand of the priest. Now, people want the priest to kiss their ass.
Now, because of the sex abuse scandal as well as the fact that the Church is not the center of people's lives anymore, that it's seen more as a filling station, or a place to pay on their eternity insurance policy. 
Everyone's got an angle. 
The people only want "mass" and could care less about the life of the church. I used to laugh at the drive-in churches, but now I see the wisdom in them. People drive in, pray and drive out. You have the few faith filled members, but they usually are overshadowed by the zealots, the rabble-rousers, and the plain crazies, usually men and women who run around seemingly holier than the priests making up for past sins perhaps, and no doubt hiding  deep dark secrets.
Then you have underpaid priests struggle to make ends meet, and worry about who will take care of them when they cannot function anymore. Many never had a real job, nor paid into Social Security, and wonder how the measly pension, if they receive it (more about that later), will be enough to sustain them. So some organize trips around the world to subsidize their income, others have legitimate jobs that can not only sustain them, but also provide help to assist under supported parishes.
Bishops act as though there's a plethora of priests and that they are expendable. They never make an effort to get to know them, nor do they care. As long as all slots are filled, which is becoming more and more improbable because of the dearth of priestly vocations., one's interaction with their bishop revolves around money or malfeasance.   
more to come.....stay tuned!

Thursday, June 9, 2016


First I thought I would name this blog "The Priesthood Exposed" but after presuming that too many people might think this is about priests exposing themselves, I thought again.
No, what you will read here will be an unvarnished look at the Byzantine Catholic Priesthood as I have experienced it in all its hardship, and sadly after 35 years, complete disappointment.
Since I now have a life to live outside of the prison of the priesthood, my blog posts on this subject will occur when the spirit moves me, pardon the pun.
I'll comment on the hateful parishioners I have encountered through the years, the self absorbed clergy who for the most part are underpaid, overworked, and treated as chattel by the bishops who lord over them in exactly the way Jesus said they shouldn't.
So hold on to your rosary beads, this is going to be a bumpy flight, I meant blog!
These words greeted my brother on the day of his ordination to the priesthood back in 1965 by a well seasoned Monsignor, who also was his pastor. My brother has always remembered those words well after he left the church got married to a lovely woman with a son from her first marriage with Cerebral Palsy. For the past 20 something years day and night his ministry has been centered around the care of his step son and has been vastly more rewarding than his years in a parish. Why? Because he's not taken for granted, he's not disrespected belittled or besmirched. He's appreciated for his dedication.  That's not the way it is in a parish. You have factions and cliques. You have priest wannabes male and female who second guess and question every decision you make. Then you have those who are suspicious of the priest. Is he queer,  a crook, a pervert, a womanizer, a child molester, or all of the above?
My mom always liked to tell this joke about a devoted parish member who dies and as she's heading up to heaven she looks down into the flaming cauldron of hell and sees her priest's head just above the flames. Shocked, she says oh Father, how did you ever wind up down there? I feel so sorry for you. The priest replies: "Don't feel bed for me because it could be worse, you see, I'm standing on my bishop's shoulders!"
I don't know why a priest loses his priesthood when he becomes a bishop. Why is it that they forget that they were priests first and by the luck of the draw, by chance, fate, collusion, or worse, they become bishops.
all of a sudden, they are better than the priests they shared their ministry with. Sure they have to make decisions now, and their responsibilities grow, but why do they lose their priesthood?
I can remember my first job. It was a Christmas salesman position at Stern's in Bergen Mall NJ. I loved it, so much so, that after the holidays my manager asked me to stay on which I did, Then after a few months I was promoted to head the "Quadrangle" college shop. I was very creative always arranging merchandise, setting up displays and honing my management skills all at the tender age of 19. Well it wasn't very long that I was noticed by upper management for my talents and abilities, and I was offered the job of Assistant Manager of the men's furnishings department, one of the backbones of the company which included a total of seven departments. That's where I also learned to dress the part of a manager buying sport coats, slacks, Oleg Cassini shirts and ties. Johnny Carson was my fashion idle back in the day.
But I remembered my duties as a salesman, folding pants, stacking shirts on the sales tables, always keeping the department in "apple pie order" my favorite expression to this day! So one night while doing the books, I walked out on the sales floor. It was about 8:30PM and we closed at 9PM and the the tables of merchandise looked like a bomb hit it. Then I look over at the tie section about 100 feet away and see all 5 salespeople standing around yacking.
So, rather than running over there a screaming and yelling at all of them to get to work, I did something which I have kept in my life ever since.
I walk out in plain view of them, and without a word or dirty look towards them, I begin to fold the shirts, neatly sorting them in their proper bins. Then after a minute or two out of the corner of my eye what do I see but everyone dispersing to various tables to start folding!  That little experiment taught me a great lesson for leadership mainly to lead by example. Don't ask anyone to do something you have not or would not do yourself.
That's the missing link of most bishops. They love moving priests around like pawns on a chess board. They love as Jesus said in the gospel "to sit at the head of the table, and to be seen reciting long prayers, etc., etc." But they never go out on the floor and fold shirts anymore. They never go out of their way to set an example for their employees. And when you remove the spiritual aspect, the priest is an employee of the diocese which is a corporation and the bishop is their boss. I just wish bishop's would remember what it's like to be like the salespeople I was in charge of and, well, start folding shirts again...